American Aircraft Fan Club 1945-1955 Collection - a list of the photos

Arthropoda (Macrophotography)

Audiosphere 3.0 - my Prezi "Bioacoustics for the masses" slides (Italian captions)

Audiosphere 3.0 - Description of my Prezi "Bioacoustics for the masses" slides (Italian text only)


Bicycle - Bycicle Assisted Decay: my first 50 years on two wheels

Bicycle - a list of the hills I climbed (needs to be updated with those from the Eroica!)

Bicycle - Cronanguilla 2014

Bicycle - Rockville 8 - 2015

Bicycle - My Bicycles

Bioacoustics (Google Map)

Bioacoustics (Home Page)

Bioacoustics - my first scientific paper on the Biodiversity Journal (Ultramic applied to Orthopteran bioacoustics)

Bioacoustics - my second scientific paper on the Biodiversity Journal (Ultramic applied to Cicadomorphan bioacoustics)

Biosequence alignment (code samples, Italian text explanations)  (b)

BLOG - Bioacoustics (Italian text only)


Cesare Brizio (CV)


Electronics - Arduino breadboard prototypes and software sketches

Electronics - Four-bit binary adder with Hex and bin display, breadboard prototype  (a)


Graphics programming with Processing.org

Gruppo Modenese Scienze Naturali - GMSN


Home Page, classic branch & leaves version

Home Page, "kill marks" version

"Humine", my 2005 proposal for a technological alternative to mines (Italian text only)

"Hybris, Ate, Nemesis: l'albero dell'Urvögel" (Italian text only)


Journalism: "Operation Broken Chestnut" (Italian text only)

Journalism: "Operation Broken Chestnut" in a single PDF file


Literature: "Variations on a popular theme" (Italian and English description, the Variations are in Italian).

Literature: An English explanation To Guinness World Records about "Variations on a popular theme"


Music - Johnny Spec & the Goggles


Neural network (code sample, explanations in Italian)  (b)



Photomicrography - NEW


Sasquatch - italian translations of cryptozoological articles

Seashells - a list of the species in my collection

Seashells - Checklist: my quest for all the Oliva species and subspecies in the world  (c)

Seashells - How I built my own Olivarium

Social bookmarking with Delicious

Softball: Big Apple Softball Club


The Fly (A Fly Harasses Dr. K)


Where do I live?

World Biodiversity Association (Since April 2014 I'm in the Board of Directors)

(a) I was inspired by what I read at http://alez.maetech.it/docs/MAE_sommatore.pdf but the original link is currently broken. Here you may find the pdf file originally available (Italian text only)
(b) MS-Access was chosen because it's a self-contained DBMS and interpreter, well suited for didactical use.
(c) Species list based on Tursch & Greifeneder, 2001 with the addition of Oliva poppei Sargent & Petuch, 2008 and integrations from Sterba, 2004